Feb 2018 – Radio & Spotify

Happy 2018, kids ~ make it a fun one!  While we continue our foray, foraging, frolicking in the recording studio (probably time to get our hands on a dictionary), we’re happy to report that the 2nd new tune is Almost Ready. Like a baby just learning to walk, we’re just about ready to throw it into the yard to see if it can run (probably a bad choice of words). What we mean is, it’s just about ready to be shared ~ stay tuned! 

We’ve started getting some radio airplay for “Train Wreck”. Boston’s 92.5 The River showcased it on their Homegrown show and then Cape Cod’s Pixy 103 aired it last weekend. Pretty cool and much appreciated. 

The tune is also available on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play – and streaming on Spotify.  Check out these wild playlists that we’re excited to be a part of. There’s “Massachusetts Indie Songs Ya Gotta Discover”, “Rockin’ Chick Voices”, “Consequences of Cheating (You Scum)”, and “Exercise & Workout Songs You’ll Enjoy Sweating To”.  Find ‘em here:  https://theflaire.com/spotify-playlists.  Share songs and let us know if there’s any that should be added.

Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear the new songs ~ come along for the ride and thanks for living life with a little Flaire!