The Rollin’ Stoned interview: 

1)  Who is “The Flaire” and why the name?? 
   Well, thanks for asking, we’re humbled and happy to be here.  We're a songwriting duo, and merged our last names to create our clever band name. That’s just how we roll. Clever and casual. Which is also how we dress. 

2)  What about the band; isn’t there a band?? 
   Well, thanks for asking, you’re absolutely right. And kinda cute with the double question marks. And a little annoying. Roger on guitars and vocals, Lee on vocals, Elizabeth on keyboards, Marc on bass, and Jo on drums. 

3)  What cave did you guys crawl out of? 
   Well, now you’re sounding a bit snarky. But we’ll answer because we need the publicity. We’re all New Englanders. East coast USA. South of Canada. North of Mexico. 

4)  How long have you guys been writing “songs” together?
   Well, not sure why the word “songs” is in quotation marks, but Roger and Lee had written and released songs individually (six albums worth) before meeting on that fateful, stormy night in 2011, when they both performed at an open-mic, at a 300 year old inn. That then proceeded to burn down months later. Really. 

 5)  You’re kidding me with this fluff, right?? 
   Oh, back with the double question marks, I see.  Yes, it was kinda like that. Or yes, we’re kidding.

 6)  Is it true that the penguin is more beloved than the meerkat? 
   No, it isn’t. 

7)  What’s the thing with the meerkat, some kind of fetish? 
   Well, meerkats are clever and casual, so we have an affinity for that. And the talented John Fluet drew them so cool, what’s not to love. 

8)  Who influences you as “performers”? 
   Now why is the word “performers” in quotation marks?? Some unresolved issues you need to sort through, perhaps? Back to your quasi-question.  Definitely Gandhi. Our neighbor. Hardcore talent. 

9)  If a train is going 80 miles an hour heading east and another train is traveling 60 miles an hour going west, who will reach the central station first? 
   Doesn’t matter. It’s gonna be a train wreck. 

 10)  Can I stop asking you questions now? I need a drink. 
   Race you to the bar.

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