June 2018 – New Song Out There

Better never than late, as they say. No, not quite that. It’s a little late, but it’s here – the new single “Slay The Dragon” is here for your perusal or pondering – or better yet, for your pleasure. 

A love song, cleverly veiled in the world of dark nursery rhymes and scary fairy tales, “Slay The Dragon” is really about how one person has the power to protect another, simply with love. Pretty deep, right? But hey, pretty accurate too. 

You can buy the song here for only $0.99 and all proceeds go to the band. Or you can buy it on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play if that’s easier for you. In case you’re curious, when you buy it there the band gets $0.70. And if streaming music is your thing, you’ll find the track also on Spotify, Napster, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, Apple, Google Play, etc. Those places pay the band less than $0.01 for every play. Really. And YouTube?  They pay the band $0.0007 for every play. Seriously. 

But the way we look at it is we want you to be able to enjoy the songs. And hopefully we can make enough money to be able to continue and record more songs :-) 

Thanks for being music fans and beautiful souls. And please sign up for our mailing list and join us on this musical adventure ~ thanks for living life with a little Flaire!

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